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We all work somewhere, somehow.
Whether we own an e-Commerce company, or are an employee, risk comes in many forms.
We are here to guide , teach and share valuable information about Business, Risk, and Chargebacks.
We are here to set you up for success by:
1. Putting in place safety nets, filters and policies
2. Training your staff and teams.
3. Explaining all the fraud and risk shopping behaviors, so that your back end can be safe and you can save revenue.
Revenue is key. Fraud/claims/chargebacks is a battle that you can win. We are here to set your company up to succeed, and put in place safety nets, filters and policies.
Chargeback Management is not as complex and difficult as you might think.
You have to have a strategy in place, know your back-end well, have it communicate correctly with your payment processing portals, and train your staff.
Everything can be easily done in house, using the right policies, tools and companies.
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