A New Group for Women, worth being a part of.

  Super excited about creating this brand new group. I have been looking around for women’s groups but there are always caveats. Fees to join, exclusion of certain women because of professional similarities…. For me these are not what I had in mind about an all inclusive group. Let’s...


Be Happy with Who you Are!

  Lately, all I read is advice on how to start your own business, how to dream big, how to be a success. Although I like all the inspiration, I have issues with all this narrative. What about someone who doesn’t want to start their own business? What about...


Empowering Women – My Dream For 2019 And Beyond

I am reading a lot these days. Blogs, articles, all about empowering women, women’s clubs and societies. I have enrolled in a few…. so I will share my dream, my thoughts, my wishes for all my fellow women who strive for “BETTER” every single day. What if we start...


Goodbyes and Hellos

As 2018 draws to an end, I am saying a lot of goodbyes and am adding new hellos. Here it goes: Goodbye to anyone whom I have contacted and tried to stay in touch and is always “busy”. Hello to everyone who knows that friendships and relationships are a...


Are we living with too much baggage?

Awake late at night, helps me think, write and make life decisions. Are we spoiled? Are we demanding way too much of our lives? Have we replaced quality with quantity? Today’s society has planted new rules in our brains. We MUST succeed with our career, we MUST live in...


When the past 12 months give you lemons…

When Life wants to test you, oh boy does it test you! And there is not one test that you have to take to move on….. They come in one after another. When you think you can breathe, the next one comes and beats you. And then the next,...


Business Relationships Risks

So many people are telling me that they are having complaints, problems, and are unsure as how to smooth out their professional relationships. The rule is: NEVER mix personal and professional. If you do business with a friend and have any issue at all, keep it on a professional...


Work Relationships Matter


I find it amazing, how discussions can lead to ideas for my blog.
We all need to feel great at work and establish solid relationships with our colleagues, managers and bosses.
Having said that, there is a fine line. You cannot mistake work relationships as personal. Don’t get me wrong. There are true, deep and long lasting friendships being born from your work environment.
But you have to understand your environment, always be respectful, and never “demand” social inclusion.
Not being included in events outside work, does not mean that you are not liked at work or not respected. Believe in yourself, don’t be “short”, don’t take work related issues personally.  NEVER be sarcastic and ask why you were not included. This is plain rude, and shows insecurity.

IF you feel left out, then sit and think really hard if you are as giving, as collaborative and as helpful at work as you should be. If the answer is YES, then know that : This is NOT personal. This is work.

IF some of your truths say NO, then try to change your attitude, be more of a team player, try to do good every day.

IF you start a true friendship, NEVER cross the line, NEVER ask for personal favors, NEVER put your newfound friendship in an awkward position by taking liberties at work. Work is work, friendship is friendship.
Do not muddle those two.

My advice is:
Stay true to your values, be respectful, respect others no matter their position on the corporate ladder, always offer a helping hand, be compassionate, know how to say thank you, and always apologize honestly for a mistake or faux pas. We are all human.

Do not start disliking colleagues for non inclusion outside of work.
We all have our social circles.
This doesn’t mean that you are “hated”.

Grow up and believe in yourself and abilities. After all, you were hired for a reason. Find this reason in your heart and go for it with all your passion, hard work and team spirit!




Starting a business? Be honest

There is no such thing as becoming a millionaire by “selling” stuff that are owned by other companies on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Facebook etc.


Victims of Employment Scams Speak Out


Have some pride. By re-selling another company’s products without permission, you are in very blunt terms a thief.

By trying to scheme a company with different email addresses, names, IP addresses, you will win nothing. Have some pride, have some honesty.

Ask any company to become a certified re-seller and you are in business. Work hard for your goals, but learn that by flying on another’s wings you have nothing to be proud of or win.

You are unethical, you don’t play by the rules and in the end your prospective buyers will see right through you. Can you provide the same services the company you “steal” from does? Can you look your buyers in the eye and tell them that you are running a reputable company that strives for honesty, customer service and a great product?

All of you wanna be re-sellers out there, listen to me. We know you. We shut you down left and right. Stop wasting your time defrauding companies and show the world that you have integrity.

Find your own stuff to sell, or contact companies and ask officially to connect and work together.



Happier With Less

Times are changing fast all around the world. A lot of people keep saying: “ah those good old days”. The old days were much simpler and people were used to living with much less. Just think about it for a second. Did they have cell phones or television or...