Does your back end talk?

Is your website’s back end properly engineered?
Does it “talk” to your payment processors?
Does it update whenever you issue a refund or lose a chargeback?
Does it update whenever an order is being cancelled?
Does your back end give you proper financial data that you can download for proper bookkeeping?

Or are you like a ton of companies that need to login to all the payment processors, issue the refunds, cancel orders, and then go to your back end and manually update it?

Stop wasting your time. Make this right.
Make it so that even the automated process “talks” back to your back end.
Make it so that your fraud manager has to do the job once and not waste time by doing the same steps twice.

Some think that automating the process is the answer. It is not. Even automation leaves gaps behind that will cost you.
Your aim is to retain revenue by implementing proper measures, and having a properly managed Finance department.
When you get audited and your back end’s data and reports do not match the ones of your Finance department, then you’re in trouble.

Do it right from the get go to avoid future headaches.



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