Don’t Risk Losing Business

Small Business Owners, Independent Contractors, and Service Providers this one’s for you!

We are all trying to succeed, we all need money, we all need clients and business coming our way.

People are trying to help you put your business on the map. The problem is, that you implement what is being told to you, without knowing how to take advantage of those tools to actually succeed.

You update your website, and you add a contact form. Prospective customers, go to your site, and fill out the contact form. Then what? If you don’t have someone checking those messages at least once a day and actually respond, you are losing business.

You have an email address for people to contact you. They send you requests that go unanswered. You are losing business.

You have a Facebook Business Page. People use your page to send you messages, that again go unanswered. You are losing business.

A few examples:

I replied to my eye doctor’s email by clicking on a link they provided to book my next visit. 6 weeks went by and I never received the phone call they claim they’ll do after you click the link. I finally called them and they had no idea how this link works. If you don’ know the basics of what you implement, DON’T DO IT!

A visit to Yelp, shows you a bunch of service providers you need. You choose a few, fill out the form, send your request and you never receive a response. Happened to me again. Was looking for an electrician. 2 weeks later, I received one and only one phone call from my request. Guess what? He lost me as a client, because in the interim I found someone else.

What you should be doing:

Put aside 30 minutes a day to check your email, to check your Facebook page for messages.
Don’t ignore requests from prospective new business.
People need to know that they are contacting a professional.
By not replying to messages and emails, you simply tell people that you don’t care.
If you want an online presence nowadays, you need to play by the rules, or just don’t participate.
Keep a simple website, and give out your phone number only, so that you can at least reply to phone calls.
Don’t destroy your chances for success, more income and loyal customers, by being nonchalant, or ignorant.
Success in business needs dedication, respect for the business that is coming to you, and constant strive to be THE BEST AT WHAT YOU DO!

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