Empowering Women – My Dream For 2019 And Beyond

I am reading a lot these days. Blogs, articles, all about empowering women, women’s clubs and societies.

I have enrolled in a few…. so I will share my dream, my thoughts, my wishes for all my fellow women who strive for “BETTER” every single day.

What if we start communicating with women in our towns and communities with no strings attached? By strings I mean:
Oh we already have a “finance person” in our group so you cannot join.

What if we actually get interested beyond the surface at every fellow woman no matter what the resume declares?

What if we can gather together to share thoughts, guidance, help and advice, share lessons learned and pick each other up without labels, without any expectations?

What if we created an open group for women from every walk of life, with any experience, any story and just create a big unbreakable circle of support?

What if we stop putting labels on fellow human beings and accept them for exactly who and what they are?

I’d like to believe that this is attainable, that we can help each other find jobs, find ourselves, find our identity, help each other with daily struggles.

Let’s try and create this open forum, no strings attached, no monetary gain as the goal, but instead the human heart’s fulfillment of having done something good in its root. For having picked each other up, pushed each other toward excellence no matter what the topic is.

In a few words: Just do good for the sake of good

Think about it and share your thoughts.

Happy New Year sisters of the world!


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