Goodbyes and Hellos

As 2018 draws to an end, I am saying a lot of goodbyes and am adding new hellos. Here it goes:

Goodbye to anyone whom I have contacted and tried to stay in touch and is always “busy”.
Hello to everyone who knows that friendships and relationships are a two-way street

Goodbye to toxic people who assume, who judge, who let their inflated egos influence people around them and in doing so destroy them.
Hello to the amazing people out there who I will stay in touch with, who I will include in my life in 2019.

Goodbye  to the non listeners, to the know-it-all, to the negatives.
Hello to the sharers, to the passionate, to the fighters for a better humanity.

Goodbye to the dead ends in life.
Hello new beginnings and new adventures.

Goodbye  to gossipers, to back stabbers, to fake people.
Hello  to real people, real friends, and the ones who stand by each other and help pick each other up.

And HELLO to the relentless pursuit of happiness, success, real relationships, friends, and kindness.

Happy New Year to all


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