HTTPS is your friend

You have created a great website. You are hoping to sell and make great revenue.
There is a caveat that is pretty important.
If your website is a simple http://www…….com, your visitors will see a “NOT SECURE” next to your web address.

This will make them skeptical to continue perusing your site.
With all the fraudulent activities on the web, it will serve you to pay a little extra to have a secure website.

Your site should always start with HTTPS://

As an example, my website address is:

You can forego the www nowadays, but securing your site shows your clients, readers and buyers that you are a legitimate business.

So go to your site’s registrar, (GoDaddy, WordPress) or wherever you have bought your website from, and make this change.

You will see that more people will be prone to visit your site and buy your services or products.


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