How small is your Small Business?

As 2018 draws to its end, I want to send a message out there to EVERYONE who has dreams, who wants to start their own business.

Do not be intimidated by the term Small Business. I run a small business, I am all. I am CEO, CFO, Marketing, everything. I don’t have any employees yet. Does this frighten me? NO. I make a good living with my clients and I wouldn’t change this feeling of accomplishment every time I help, teach, guide, or give advice that works.

Other small businesses have employees, have grown, and are scaling to the next level.

So, whether you have a blog, or run errands for people, or are a finance professional, dog groomer, florist……

Know that you can do it! It will take time, patience and grit.
If you keep honesty, clarity, and do not engage in aggressive marketing campaigns that promise the moon and the stars and can’t deliver, you will steadily grow your audience/clientele and start seeing results.

It will not happen overnight. You can still keep your day job, and work on your passion/dream at night until you make it happen.

I am here for advice, tips, and help. Just contact me!

Here’s to a very successful 2019 for everyone!!!!!


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