What Exactly Does Omnichannel Marketing Mean?

By Nick Campanella Multichannel marketing is an absolute essential for businesses in today’s trust economy. The more channels a business has, the better the odds of people finding and doing business with you. Having multichannels naturally improves the customer experience because everyone has their own preferred method of contacting businesses. Read...


A New Group for Women, worth being a part of.

  Super excited about creating this brand new group. I have been looking around for women’s groups but there are always caveats. Fees to join, exclusion of certain women because of professional similarities…. For me these are not what I had in mind about an all inclusive group. Let’s...


Be Happy with Who you Are!

  Lately, all I read is advice on how to start your own business, how to dream big, how to be a success. Although I like all the inspiration, I have issues with all this narrative. What about someone who doesn’t want to start their own business? What about...


Don’t Risk Losing Business

Small Business Owners, Independent Contractors, and Service Providers this one’s for you! We are all trying to succeed, we all need money, we all need clients and business coming our way. People are trying to help you put your business on the map. The problem is, that you implement...


HTTPS is your friend

You have created a great website. You are hoping to sell and make great revenue. There is a caveat that is pretty important. If your website is a simple http://www…….com, your visitors will see a “NOT SECURE” next to your web address. This will make them skeptical to continue...


Get Ready to retain revenue!

Holidays are right around the corner! Make sure you have EVERY aspect of your website’s back end ready, all fraud filters in place in all of your sales channels and your staff trained and informed. Know which email handles to automatically reject, know which countries to block, know where...


The Risks of Worldwide Shipping

                  Every Company that sells products worldwide, and with the Holidays approaching, MUST be ready and know the risks involved. Consider yourselves warned. Been there seen the terrible mistakes that have cost companies millions of dollars in returns simply because Europe...


Know your Geography to succeed in Sales!

Geography? YES Geography has everything to do with returns, loss of revenue, chargebacks, fraud and lost inventory. Whether you sell tangible or intangible goods online, you MUST know your global Geography. If you sell anything that has to do with technology, it’s better to exclude some countries, rather than...


Boosting your Business

I have met lately a lot of people really confused by all the Social Media hype, the marketing webinars, and are at a total loss.
I am not talking about the young person who wants to start a career as a blogger and tries to monetize a blog and swims in the depths of webinars.
I am talking about Business owners that are not in the tech industry.
Chiropractors, businesses that offer services, shops that need more clients, whether they are spas, beauty salons, etc.

There is a pretty simple formula that can help your business. All you need is to learn the basic ropes, and then follow up. Don’t be afraid of the big bad web. If you learn how this all works in a few easy steps, you will see results.

Contact me and I will create a complete package for your business, show you how it all works and what it all means.

We all need our business to succeed, we all need to receive the best for what we offer.

I am waiting for your email, call, Facebook message. Whatever works for you.

I am here to help untangle the mental blocks, and take the fear away of the unknown.