Boosting your Business

I have met lately a lot of people really confused by all the Social Media hype, the marketing webinars, and are at a total loss.
I am not talking about the young person who wants to start a career as a blogger and tries to monetize a blog and swims in the depths of webinars.
I am talking about Business owners that are not in the tech industry.
Chiropractors, businesses that offer services, shops that need more clients, whether they are spas, beauty salons, etc.

There is a pretty simple formula that can help your business. All you need is to learn the basic ropes, and then follow up. Don’t be afraid of the big bad web. If you learn how this all works in a few easy steps, you will see results.

Contact me and I will create a complete package for your business, show you how it all works and what it all means.

We all need our business to succeed, we all need to receive the best for what we offer.

I am waiting for your email, call, Facebook message. Whatever works for you.

I am here to help untangle the mental blocks, and take the fear away of the unknown.


Wannabe entrepreneurs and authorities

Today, I opened Twitter to read the latest. To my dismay I find some people who found some webinar on how to make some quick money, and started tweeting 40 times a day, simply posting pictures with links to an obvious Clickbank account. People wake up! You can’t possibly...


Career behaviors

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The uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship

Hi everyone! Have been traveling a lot this summer and have been observing a lot of stuff. There is a frenzy for blogging, for success, for more, more, more and more. S T O P! Start thinking and calm down. When will OK be good enough? I do not...


My AHA moment thanks to Matt Wolfe

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Victims of Employment Scams Speak Out

I had to share this article for all of you. This is an older article, BUT very very serious and applies to today! Don’t fall for scams! March 6, 2009 By JIM AVILA and ANN VARNEY, Jim Avila, via 20/20 Adding insult to injury during a recession, some people...


When comments are welcome and when not…

Don’t you feel compelled to just voice your opinion or comment on something at work or in your day-to-day life? There is a welcome way to do this but also there is a way that will simply irk others and might put you in an awkward position. There are...


Wishing is different than doing!

Most of the people I meet, are in “The Secret” frenzy, in positive thinking, in submitting to the fates. Meditation, praying, visualizing, positive thinking, are all great and do work if you know how to use those tools. Simply sending positive thoughts out “there” and believing that some supreme...