Unauthorized Re-Sellers = Fraud

This is a very common problem that no outside company or machine learning can help your company with.

This applies to any company selling physical goods.
Here’s a scenario that I’ve witnessed first hand through the years I deal with fraud.
Totally legal credit card, legal mailing/shipping address, BUT:
Email that keeps changing on purpose and nobody catches.
Let’s say I am a shady unauthorized re-seller. How do I go around the system?
Simple and look at the list.

Here are 8 orders I just placed and neither Stripe, Shopify or PayPal have done anything to block me.

There is nothing you can do, unless your back end is designed to catch similarities in mailing addresses, in recipient names and stop those dead on their tracks.

Amazon does not have any block feature for such people. This will eventually also end up costing you in possible chargebacks, because buyers think it’s your company selling and come to you with claims. You search your back end and you have no orders….
What a mess this creates….

This is why I am adamant about a correct and fully functional back end.


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